How-to: Olivia’s Au Natural look

Since we were shooting her jewelry campaign for Bauble Bar, I was inspired by the reflections and light in her collection. Rose gold is the perfect shade to play off on the skin when you’re coming off of summer and transitioning into fall winter. Think of Rose Gold as a mix of pink and gold in makeup. You can use this pretty much anywhere on the face because its a color that’ll warm up the skin. Here are the products I used to achieve the same look at home.
For that dewy radiance, try Dior’s Dior Star FoundationOn the eyes, I first laid down Honest Beauty’s Creme Blush in Truly Teasing. I love using creme blushes as eyeshadow bases because it locks down whatever eyeshadow you put on top yet still allows the color to come through as it wears on the eye. On top of the Creme Blush I used a mix of colors from Olivia’s Ciate London The Smoldering Eye Palett and lined her top lid with Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in black. To finish off her lashes using Makeup Forever’s Smokey Lash Mascara. On her cheeks I used Ciate London’s Glow Pop Creme Bronzer and to complete everything I used Ciate London’s Truffle Satin Kiss Lipstick on her lips.

About the Author

Daniel Martin is a Dior Brand Ambassador and the Creative Color Consultant for Honest Beauty. He splits his time between New York, Paris and Los Angeles. Follow him on Instagram @DanielMartin and Twitter @danielmartinnyc