How To Rock: The Turban

– By Andrea Mestrovic – 

If you stopped by Topshop in New York last Thursday for our holiday styling event, you would have caught sight of Olivia rocking (and loving) a Peacock feather, high-drama black turban.  Turban, as a ubiquitous headpiece, has been around since the twenties, but periodically, and with the help of someone like Miuccia Prada, it gains an entire new thrust and an impulsive attention from fashion aficionados worldwide. The turban is one of those accessories that can be uplifting, daring, and delightfully paired – if done right.
The rule of hair when turban-ating is rather simple: sinuous curls, tender waves and plenty of movement.  Loose curls provide balance for the top-heavy head wrapper and ascertain a symmetry of sorts; hence and without doubt, preventing the big head comments.
If you choose a high-color, high-sheen turban, which undoubtedly captures attention, your make-up musts are smoldering, smoky eyes and flawless skin. Try using a multitonal eye-shadow palette to get color dimension for those piercing eyes.  A tangerine blush with a slight shimmer on the cheekbones and a nude lip will complete this look.  The opposite is true if the event calls for a silk, black turban, which is most fittingly paired with a 60’s eyeliner and a confident red lip.  It is a complete and utter mystery why this trend does not surface more often, particularly on the red carpet.  As one of our favorites, we have termed this look a grand standout.
The question that remains is how does one accessorize this accessory? A sparkly brooch or a feathery addition to the center of your turban works brilliantly on satin or silk.  With all other thicker and denser textures such as wool, cotton knit or velvet, less is more; let the turban be the obvious attraction. It is critical to not overpower your turban with an equally heroic outfit.  Keep the rest of your ensemble minimal, but not nominal, with clean lines and less layers.  Always avoid bulk at the neck, whether with scarves, collars, or excessive jewelry – naked neck is best, but a taut, lean turtleneck can be a gain also.
A wonderful fascination of turbans is in their multiuse potential. Not only can you pair a turban with a slip dress at a fancy soirée (à la Kate Moss at the 2009 Costume Institute Gala), but dare to dawn it daytime for a lazy brunch rendezvous with the girls or wear it to hide your roots a few days before the next touch-up slot.  After all, another familiar name for turbans is cache-misère (French for ”hide misery”), as even decades ago French ladies of leisure have often resorted to turbans on bad hair days.As trends come and go, the turban remains a bold statement, but much like other complexities in the world of high fashion, you have to play by the rules on this one.





































1.ASOS Embellished Turban  2.A.Ok Turban  3.Rosie Ugden Turban  4.Topshop Turban  5.ASOS Slot Turban  6.Leleux Hair Band   7.Dominique Turban

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