I Want What She’s Wearing: Opposites Attract

– By Teresa Greenfeld – 

Olivia, in a Whistles top and pants, Topshop Jacket, Ann Taylor belt Kurt Geiger shoes, Mulberry Handbag, and Rolex watch.

In science, there is something called the law of force.  Simply put, it says that opposite charges (positive and negative)  produce an attractive force, and like charges (positive and positive, or negative and negative) produce a repellant force.   Any one who has ever inserted batteries the wrong way, or tried pushing two magnets together,  has borne witness to this.  In life, we sum it up with the phrase, “opposites attract”.  So ensconced in our lives, from countless movies, songs and real-life good girl/bad boy romances, to combining salty and sweet flavors, it might as well become our creed.

The theory of opposites attracting might hold most true in fashion.   Combining the hard with the soft, the high-end with the low-end, the voluminous with the slim,  is encouraged, even celebrated, as the key to having true style.  There is perhaps nothing as chic as pairing a  leather motorcycle jacket, or a chunky-heeled bootie with a delicate and floaty chiffon dress.  Even contrasting prints worn together can produce spectacular results.  A so-called girly item, paired with a more tough, masculine one, as in Olivia’s feminine floral print and military-inspired jacket, is effortless and subtly provocative.  It evokes an air of mystery; the unexpected, the contrary, harmonizing chicly together in a way not thought possible.

1. Belstaff Sandown Parka

2. A.L.C Sleeveless Jumpsuit

3. Stella McCartney Falabella Bag

4. Pieces Braided Jeans Belt

5. Giuseppe Zanotti Design Neon Pump







1. Burberry Brit Oakbeam Parka

2. DKNY Strappy Floral Jumpsuit

3. Kate Spade Mansfield Rima Bag

4. J. Crew Braided Leather Belt

5. Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 Patent Leather Pumps






1. Veronica Beard The Military Jacket

2. Miss Selfridge Orchid Printed Jumpsuit

3. Valentino Studded Fold Over Clutch

4. Mango TOUCH Braided Leather Belt

5. Manolo Blahnik BB Pump

Photos of Olivia courtesy of Johannes Huebl

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