I Want What She’s Wearing…

– By Teresa Greenfeld –  

Olivia, in an Alberta Ferretti Jacket, DarylK suede Leggings and Carvela shoes.  Camisole and scarf, from her vintage collection

It is said that in the U.S, baseball is our national pastime.  I tend to think it’s people watching, or more specifically, “fashion-watching.”  Not a day goes by when I don’t see an enviably chic woman, and think, I want what she’s wearing.

Having known Olivia for years, I can say with authority that she’s often on that envied side of this fashion scope-out. With that in mind, we decided to show everyone not only how to get looks Olivia herself has pulled together, but also to give you a little insight into how you can make these looks your own.  You know the old saying: give a girl a dress, and she’s clothed for a day. Teach a girl to dress, and she’ll never be without style.

One thing I’ve noticed about Olivia is that she has an innate understanding of color.  People often shy away from pairing more than two colors together, fearing they’ll end up looking like the only colors they understand are shades of crazy. No need to prepare the padded room!  We’ve simplified some color basics so you can perfectly recreate this look- and make it your own.

Generally, colors, or more accurately, their undertones, fall into two categories: warm and cool. Warm colors are reds, oranges and yellows, and cool ones are green, blue and violet. When colors have the same tone, they coordinate and compliment each other. Likewise, when pairing two warm colors with a cool one, or two cool colors with a warm one, the result creates a very balanced and harmonious aesthetic.


Greys, browns, whites and blacks (and the many shades in between) are neutrals and may be worn with any color or with several colors, acting as an “anchor”, tying the whole look together.  In Olivia’s look, the yellow coat and burgundy top-the warm colors-are anchored by the neutral chocolate suede pants and black scarf.  Her maroon platform stilettos add an unexpected, and insanely chic touch, pulling the whole look together flawlessly.

To get a similar look for yourself, check out these items, and prepare yourself for the whiplash of those you pass!


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