Imported Editorials: Acne Paper, Stockholm

– By Elizabeth Brockway –

My next magazine comes from the Stockholm based Acne Studios.  Acne Paper is a relatively young (12 issues in total released so far) biannual fashion, art, and lifestyle magazine produced by the same people who consistently impress the fashion world with the clothing line, Acne. Printed on a larger format (15”x11”—similar to W) and on newspaper print, Acne Paper is throw-backy without being kitschy.  The dramatic lighting and diverse subject matter makes  Acne Paper pop out from all others on the stand.  My favorite feature in the latest issue? Bruce Weber’s absurd, over-the-top, and stars-studded, almost 30-page spread, “My Imaginary 25th Birthday Party!” (page 221). If you love fashion, if you love reading about art, dance, and music, or even if you just like looking at breathtaking images, be sure to pick an Acne Paper. (And if you think the magazine is great, don’t miss their truly amazing and effortlessly chic clothes! With this type of Acne, the turning heads will be in jealousy!)


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