Imported Editorials: i-D Magazine

– By Elizabeth Brockway –
In honor of the British Fashion Awards last night we chose to feature a publication across the pond in the United Kingdom. i-D is a bimonthly British magazine founded in 1980 by former Vogue art director, Terry Jones.  While i-D is primarily a fashion based magazine, it also focuses on art, music, and the interests of today’s youth. If i-D was a kid you knew in high school, it would be the naturally cool kid—edgy and honest—who wore skinny jeans before they were cool. For instance, this past August, the magazine plays with the popularity of Twitter,  using tweets and handles across the glossy pages.  As Gisele seductively stares at you on the cover, “call me” is written across her hair and “@gisele. sent 5 mins ago” splayed across the bottom of the page. So, if you’re looking for edge and a little bit of fun pick up i-D magazine or visit their website,

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