Imported Editorials – Self-Service, Paris

– By Elizabeth Brockway –

Happy holidays everyone. Now that we are back from a well-deserved Christmas vacation we thought we’d share a another one of our favorite imported editorials with you.

From Paris is Self Service, a biannual magazine focusing on fashion and culture.  Calling Self Service a magazine may be a bit misleading, for Self Service is bound and styled in such a way to almost take on the quality of a coffee table book.  Each issue begins to seem like a work of art, using interesting juxtapositions of images, unique layouts, and varied types of paper (hi-gloss vs. matte) throughout the magazine. Each issue is thick, consisting mainly of fashion photography and light on the interviews and articles.  Perhaps my favorite foreign magazine, each page seems better than the last, using beautiful photographs with creative layouts and captions to provide the reader with a visual treat.  If you enjoy Self Service as much as I do, be sure to visit all of their different social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and the most fun, their blog, all linked from their website,

Elizabeth Hunt Brockway is a fashion, art, and film obsessed writer and photographer from Washington, DC.  She began her career at fashion PR firm, PR Consulting, followed by a year interning at American Vogue, and is presently working with stylist Elissa Santisi and Into the Gloss blogger, Emily Weiss.  She currently resides in Manhattan. 


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