In His Toolbox: Andre Davis

– By Teresa Greenfeld –

They say a true sculptor sees not a block of stone, but the sculpture that exists within.  Coiffure connoisseur Andre Davis, sees not the over-grown layers, the lifeless locks, or awkward length bangs, but instead sees the bouncy, full, and glossy hair waiting within.

I first met Davis, Olivia’s long-time hair stylist about five years ago.  She was getting a trim, and having a borderline-obcessive devotion to all things hair-related, I happily accompanied her.  After five minutes, I set up my own appointment.  The more than 20-year veteran’s instinctive knowledge of hair – and its uniqueness from head to head, has been seen on magazine pages and runways, from Harper’s Bazaar to Galliano.

Olivia for Spanish Vogue

Currently a senior stylist at the Julien Farel Salon, Davis shares his start to finish guide to styling Olivia’s hair, and the tools and products in his toolbox:

Prep & Cut 

  • All great hair starts with great prep.  We wash and condition Olivia’s hair – we have been cleansing with the Julien Farel Restore line.  Olivia has a lot of fine hair; in my opinion that’s the best hair to have.  You can build lots of volume, then transition to sleek in minutes.
  • After the hair is cleansed, we start with a great precision cut.  Since we’ve been going shorter than we have in the past, I’ve kept the lines cleaner, cutting above the neckline and graduating into slightly longer in the front, into what we call now ‘the lob’.  What set this cut above the rest is twofold:  the angle it’s cut on, and the long layers I cut, giving the hair great movement.
  • Olivia’s hair grows very fast; she is in my chair every 3-4 weeks.  We flirt a bit with the length, so I just cut it shorter for spring. This is a classic – so therefore always fashionable, sexy, and uncontrived look that works well with Olivia’s style.

Olivia for ASOS

 Style  & Finish

  • Styling always begin with mousse or root lifter.  As I said before, Olivia has a lot of fine hair, and she likes to wear a middle part, so no matter how I am styling her hair, I take a palm full of mousse, and work it into the roots of her hair, lifting as I go.
  • To dry, I begin by blowing mega fullness into her hair, directing the blow dryer towards the root, giving it lots of volume.
  • Olivia likes to change up her look, but she always likes her hair with a lot of texture.  Taking 3″ sections, I finish her blow-out with a medium ceramic brush, pinning up each completed section with steel clips.
  • Depending on the look we’re going for, we may include using a curling iron to finish. After years – 6 years and some months, she’s just reminded me – of watching how I style her hair, from super long and super blonde, to rich, medium brown that’s sun kissed naturally, Olivia can style her own hair very well.

In His Toolbox

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