InStyle Feature: Lock Stars

There are many facets that go into creating the perfect team and while Olivia keeps her small, there’s an amazing amount of talent, cynergy and a collaborative effort that goes into each relationship. A perfect example is the partnership that lies between Olivia and Lacy Redway, her go-to for trend blazing, never before seen hair styles that has everyone’s pinterest boards packed with inspiration. From the FUNhawk to sleek rope braids, Lacy’s repotoire of incredible looks is endless, especially when her creative genius is combined with Olivia’s willingness to always try something new.

And while we’ve always known this to be true, InStyle magazine has also taken notice, incorporating the two into their February story “Lock Stars”. Alongside Lea Michele and Kiernan Shipka, InStyle highlights the relationship between these three ladies and the bond they share with the incredible women that they work with to create memorable stories with their hair. See Olivia and Lacy’s story below and the full feature at

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