Interior Design Instagrams to Follow

We’re always scouring for inspiration. Market appointments, trade shows, even when we aren’t looking, brands and designers seemingly find a way to end up on our radar. One of the easiest ways this seems to happen is by falling down the endless Instagram rabbit hole. You know the one. You start on one profile and click-through an image to another handle, then another, and another (so on and so forth).

One of our favorite subjects to immerse ourselves in is interior design and fortunately, we’ve uncovered and favorited many new and exciting, talented people in this way. It’s also one of the most helpful aspirational subjects to draw inspiration from and apply it to your own life. From staples in the industry to up and comers, here’s the list of our five favorite home focused instagram handles of the moment.

@Homepolish – One of our favorite teams to collaborate with, Noa Santos’ baby has grown leaps and bounds and their instagram showcases how their dozens of designers collaborate with people all across the country, breathing new life into their homes by brilliantly combining their expertise with their clients’ aesthetic.

@KellyWearstler – Constantly traveling and gathering inspiration from around the world, Kelly Wearstler is a royal nomad of interior design. We lust heavily over her one-of-a-kind pieces and her colorful images of destinations from afar.

@Houseoflmd – Lori Morris brings a collision of ultra luxurious and original design to each of her projects. Slightly feminine but undoubtably fabulous, her feed shows off the finished projects and how she and her team of artisans are constantly challenging the boundaries of traditional design. We. Love.

@GarrettCarterDesigns – Garrett Carter is a promising up and coming interior designer. A recent grad from the NY School of Interior Design, he brings a polished masculine feel to rooms with clean lines and a precise cohesion of textures, shapes and color thanks to his keen eye for details.

@Cruiserlars – Sometimes it’s just about taste. A well curated feed that draws our eye in from room to room, @Cruiserlars brings in images from a variety of print and online shots, showing off the right balance of modern yet classic design with minor eclectic touches.

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