It’s A Wrap


This is one of my favorite hair preps that has been done for years! It helps to smooth and set the hair while making it resistant to humid weather as well. Check out the simple and easy steps below to keeping your hair shiny and frizz free throughout the struggles of summer heat that lay ahead.

Step 1: Wash and condition your hair as you normally would. It helps to use a shampoo and conditioner that has extra moisturizing factors like Ever Pure shampoo and conditioner by L’oreal which keeps your hair from getting heavy.

Step 2: Blow dry your hair from front to back using a large round brush – check out the ‘celebrity blow dry‘ located in our beauty section for a full run down on how best to proceed with this step.

Step 3: Next, take a small amount of hair serum (try Wella luxe oil which tends to be much less oily than a typical serum can be), a dime size squeeze should do it, and run it through the ends of your hair, brushing through to make sure it’s completely dry.

Step 4: Roundup some extra large bobby pins (like these from Elle Beauty). Using a Mason Pearson Bristle Brush, brush your hair in the direction that you typically part your hair. After making sure it is smoothed out take your first pin (it should be about 3″ from your part) brush and pin the hair in a circular style continuously until it looks like a flat bee hive (like in the picture above).

Step 5: In order to make it last, tie it down to sleep and brush out in the morning. You’ll find you’ll have sleek hair for up to 4 days and then you can do it all over again!

About the Author

Andre is a celebrity hairstylist at Julien Farel in New York City.