It’s Raining Style

– By Teresa Greenfeld –

Rainy Day Fashion

We’ve shown you how to ensure you’re hair doesn’t go haywire, but there’s nothing quite like the crimp, so to say, that rain can put in your style. Inevitably, when you’ve put together the perfect outfit for your job interview, first date, or just about any important event, it will – of course – rain. You’re faced with the age-old battle of fashion vs. function. On the one hand, nothing is worse than squishy shoes and damp clothing. On the other, rubber boots and nylon jackets don’t exactly scream ‘chic’.   And while purse-size umbrellas are a must in all handbags for surprise downpours, they don’t compare to full size in terms of protection.

Olivia Palermo RainCase in point: A purse-size umbrella is no match for the style-saver Olivia carries.

Well, it seems the battle is over and the fashion gods have smiled down on us; the latest crop of rainy day attire is so swoon-worthy, you won’t want to save it for a rainy day. If fact, you may just find yourself doing a rain dance.

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