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Julien Farel

-By Teresa Greenfeld-   
My name is Teresa, and I am a self-diagnosed productaholic. I’ve heard some people profess horror at having entire drawers or medicine cabinets dedicated to their various gels, creams, lotions and mouses.  I have trouble containing them to a closet.  To see if I could perhaps alleviate some of the excess with some advice from a professional, I set off this morning to visit Julien Farel of the Julien Farel Salon.
Olivia has been raving about Julien – who’s products, I suspect, are the secret to her gorgeous, shining hair.  As soon as I entered Julien’s bright and calming Madison Ave. salon, he began running his fingers through my hair, immediately diagnosing all my hair woes (parched after years of flat irons and blowdryers, prone to frizz and wayward curls at the mere thought of humidity).  He applied his Zero Frizz:Restore product on my dry hair starting at the hairline, slowly working his way throughout my scalp, explaining that without a healthy and nourished scalp, hair could never be healthy and nourished. His products are based on this philosophy, and he compares the condition of hair to the condition of a garden- if the soil is not rich in nutrients, how can anything grown in that soil flourish? Taking five years to develop, his Restore line is a cleanser for the hair, but also so much more.  Like the rest of his products, Restore uses Moisturizing Acid Technology to return hair to its virgin state, and gently cleanses while hydrating the scalp. Though technically not a shampoo (only in the sense that it’s not what we’re used to in traditional sudsing shampoos), Restore, available for color treated, normal and curly/frizzy hair types, will remove dirt and buildup, and leave behind nothing but balanced and healthy hair.  The entire product line is devoted to anti-aging hair care, reversing years of damage from color, harsh products, and heat styling.

Julien Farel Salon

After Julien worked Restore through my hair, he then massaged it into my scalp, using his whole hand, as opposed to the just the fingers- which he told me is the secret to insuring it’s absorbed properly.  He then passed me to Elizabeth, who continued my Restore lesson and took me back to the sink.  The next step was to add a little water to emulsify, and then start combing it through, aiming for a cream-like consistency. Since this process usually would be taking place in the shower, Elizabeth advised me to clip hair up, rinsing it out completely at the end.  She recommended that Restore take the place of shampoo and conditioner every other time you wash.

Now, I am not one of those wash and go kind of girls, nor a quick-pass-with-the- blowdryer kind.   I want to be, but my DNA had other plans.  I use a precise combination of products, followed by a blowdryer and flat iron, in what I can only describe as a frenetic and determined sequence of events. Back in the chair, Elizabeth started to blow dry my hair without product.   Knowing my hair, she would most definitely start to see she had missed a step, with my gravity-defying frizz being her first clue. She continued my blowdry calmly. There was no fighting, no pleading- she didn’t even appear to be winded. I peeked in the mirror when she was done, only to have my jaw drop.  The beast, it seemed, had been tamed.  My hair gleamed. It bounced. It felt soft, healthy and clean.  My color, which had been in dire need of refreshing, was brighter and looked alive again.  Mr. Farel ran his fingers once more through my new, perfect hair, with a nod and a smile.  I, on the other hand, could only gaze up at him adoringly.

I walked out onto Madison Ave, my shampoo commercial hair blowing behind me, and called Olivia.  “I’m obsessed with Restore and Julien Farel”, I said, as soon as she picked up.
“I told you!” She said. “Every time I leave there I have the hugest smile on my face!”, I glanced at my reflection in a window, and sure enough, I was beaming.  I just may be able to use that closet for linens again.

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