La Mer’s New Illuminating Eye Gel

“I ’m so excited about Johannes’ and my new campaign for La Mer featuring their amazing Illuminating Eye Gel. I’ve been using La Mer skincare for a long time and always been a fan of the brand. I’m a believer in the science behind the fermented kelp that is infused into the Miracle Broth found in all of the products and I find the scent in La Mer products so comforting and calming; it enhances the pleasure of the moment I carve out to take care of my skin everyday.” – Olivia Palermo

Launched on January 15th, Olivia and Johannes shine as the first couple to be featured in La Mer‘s first ever global digital campaign in celebration of their new product Illuminating Eye Gel. Using sea pearls and innovative ferments it protects against the aging effects of the environment, fatigue and stress while instantly lighting up the look of the inner eye for a look of youthful radiance

“The eyes are the most powerful force of attraction,” said Loretta Miraglia, Senior Vice President, Product Development at La Mer. “A man or woman may not speak a word but their eyes will tell you everything.”

Three couples will be featured in the exclusive film series, Illumination Moments, Olivia and Johannes from NYC and two others that have yet to be announced, one from Paris and one from Seoul, all of whom encompass the true idea of what “modern love” is.

Shop the amazing Illuminating Eye Gel and all of their fabulous products now at and make sure follow them on Facebook and instagram @lamer to see who’s next to be featured in this fabulous campaign.

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