Let Them Eat Macarons!

– By Sarah Soloman –

It was a dreary day in Manhattan. The cold and rain cut through my peacoat like a dull knife, I had forgotten my umbrella, and per usual I was partially hungover. Only one thing could fix my dire situation: a Ladurée macaron.

You can imagine my dismay — fine, seething rage — when I encountered the huge line outside the famed Parisian pastry shop. Among the tourists I spotted a few New Yorkers, easily distinguishable in the crowd by their blatant disregard for anything but their smartphones. I joined my sullen brethren and took my place in line, immediately tweeting about the indignity of my situation.Ten soggy minutes later I found myself outside the entrance of the pastel and fancifully decorated shop, its interior bedecked with portraits of French aristocracy and tiers and tiers of beautiful macarons. I channeled my spirit animal — Blair Waldorf — and jostled my way inside.

Laduree in Paris

The world-renowned bakery was established in 1862 by Louis-Ernest Ladurée, a strong supporter of social reform and satisfying the huddled masses craving for chocolate. Ladurée earned it’s rockstar status in 1930 when the owners grandson, Pierre Desfontaines, invented the double decker macaron by filling two shells with ganache. Although Desfontaines was not awarded a Pulitzer for his ingenuity, Ladurée established itself as the premier luxury pastry brand, monopolizing on the fifteen thousand macarons sold per day.

Although I only purchased one pink macaron out of consideration for my fleeting metabolism and utter failure of a holiday diet — it immediately brightened my mood. It didn’t make the bleak weather disappear, but the moment the ganache hit my lips, I was remarkably sober and happy. If you live in the city or are just visiting I wholeheartedly recommend the Madison Avenue Ladurée shop — just not during the holiday rush.

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Sarah Solomon is a freelance writer and G&T enthusiast living in NYC. You can follow her fashion and lifestyle blog at sarah-sol.com or on twitter @sarahsolfails.

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