Lines We Love: 10 Crosby Derek Lam

– By Lauren McGovern –


It’s 1973 and six-year-old Derek Lam is in a garment factory filled with humming machines. Born in San Francisco, he spent his childhood in his grandparent’s San Francisco garment factory.  Lying on a pile of fabric, kibitzing with the seamstresses, hypnotized and enamored by every stitch of the surrounding wedding dresses.

It’s fair to say that Derek Lam was destined for design greatness.  Parsons grad, assistant to Michael Kors – the fashion world was Derek’s oyster and in 2003, he debuted his first collection at New York Fashion Week. The Derek Lam label, as a whole, has a flair for feminine fabrics and crisp silhouettes. Signature pieces include silk sheath dresses with daring necklines, wide-leg wool trousers and perfectly tailored cashmere pea coats fit sharply but delicately to flatter the everyday woman.

Fast-forward eleven years. Meet RACHEL Rachel Roy, Michael Michael Kors and Marc by Marc Jacobs. These designers and many more have addressed the need for a more affordable line for all of us to enjoy.  Ever eager to shatter the fashion barrier glass, Derek created a diffusion line and titled it, 10 Crosby.  Why “10 Crosby” as his title?  Because down to the core, New York City is the apple of Derek’s eye.  He expresses his love of SoHo through 10 Crosby because after all, this is the address of his studio, the home of his inspiration.

“My office is facing the street, and on my cigarette breaks when I’m blowing smoke out of the window, there are so many great moments when I see a girl walking down the street and she’s super stylish and very inspiring. Crosby Street is so unique – it’s one of my favorite in New York City.” –Derek Lam

Derek describes 10 Crosby as the little sister of Derek Lam: free spirited and sometimes slouchy, with vibrant colors and edgy prints. To top it off, 10 Crosby garments will make you feel like you’re wearing pajamas. Added bonus? The price points won’t max out your credit card.

At this point, everyone (and we mean everyone) wants a piece of 10 Crosby by Derek Lam.  The latest venture for the diffusion line?  Oh, just an an online store through  While amazon will not only include an internal mini-site for the consumer, there will be an entire experience created for the user coming to the website to make purchases (including capsule collections).  We’d say that’s a pretty major e-commerce move.

In contrast to eccentric color combos and prints of seasons past, 10 Crosby delivers a more sophisticated look for Fall 2013. Call it 10 Crosby goes to prep school. But don’t get it twisted; Lam never fails to deliver an element of sexiness. We absolutely love the peek-a-boo sheer skirts and silk shorts, giving these otherwise ordinary fall sweaters some serious sex appeal.  Other favorites include a fur-trimmed wool coat and stripped dress, paired with pointy flats, and an exposed back sweater.  Be brazen and rock it sans bra – we won’t judge.

10 Crosby Derek Lam

1. Silk Maxi Dress

2. Lizard Tee Dress

3. Lizard Skinny Pants

4. Drop Shoulder Jacket 

5. Folio Mini Bag 

Philly born but Brooklyn dwelling, Lauren Grace McGovern is a social media addict, lover of fashion, food, music and travel.  You can follow her on twitter –  @governorla

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