Lines We Love: Alex Soldier

Alex Soldier is one of the most sought-after innovators in the high-end jewelry world.  His coloration, composition and artistry breathe life into detached stones and metals creating timeless and enchanting appeal with his intricate detail.  “Each piece of my collection is a creation of a new form, texture and structure, representing a part of me and expressing my individuality,” he explains.

Born in the city of Perm, in the Ural Mountains region, he to this day continues to draw inspiration from the region’s eclectic natural fertility and abundance of resources.  Soldier, currently based in Manhattan, is a self-taught craftsman and artist – he has never taken a jewelry-making class – and has even developed his own machinery to help him in achieving his incredible designs. “I believe that we all have our own paths to walk, and we’re all given different talents to make that walk more memorable. That being said, I think that patience is an imperative part of any creative process, “ he adds.

What he does is so much more than designing fantastical jewelry—he creates substantial collectables and art in the most digestible form. For instance, other than his signature jewels full of fun and whimsy (like his signature snails which are meant to poetically remind the wearer to slow down and enjoy life), he has been commissioned to create metals of distinguished honor as well as awards such as the Princess Grace Foundation trophies which are presented to emerging artists in theater, dance and film.

Quality, appropriate content, and a familiar design character are in the DNA of all his remarkable creations.

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