Lines We Love: AnaLeena

It’s a rule of fashion thumb that with new seasons come new styles, and with any luck, a bit of a closet overhaul too. So with spring (mostly) upon us – sorry NYC – we’re trying to slowly shed the 50 shades of gray-ering (see what we did there?) that we’ve been engulfed in all winter, for something a little bit on the brighter side.

Enter ANALEENA, the multi-hued exotic-skin accessories line lusted over by celebrity and Gossip Girl character alike. The brand, founded in 2008 by Middle Eastern-born, London-raised Lina Hamed, aptly means, “I am Lina” in Arabic. Hamed’s first foray into the luxury fashion world came as a buyer for Hermès in London. She then continued her work with the illustrious fashion house to Paris, where she co-designed custom exotic-skinned saddles, amongst other special projects, for their prestigious clientele. After leaving Hermès and a two-year bout as assistant designer to Stephane Rolland at Jean Louis Scherrer, Hamed took a solo leap into the design industry and began her own line.

Hamed utilizes her technical experience working with exotic skins at Hermès, combined with her creative and colorful eye, to create sophisticated statement pieces rooted in the notion of timeless luxury. Apart from the array of distinct textiles used, the most unique aspect of the ANALEENA line is its bold shade range, which Hamed spends hours mixing paint at the hardware store to perfect. Stars – they’re just like us, right?

Everything from magenta lizard-skinned totes, to royal blue crocodile bucket bags and emerald green ostrich clutches make up the multifaceted line. Hamed’s use of classic shapes, vivid color ways and Italian craftsmanship, combined with unique detailing like rose-gold seams and diamond logos, make the brand a standout amongst the plethora of luxury goods currently in the market.

Remember when we mentioned a spring closet overhaul? Well, let’s just say we’re rooting for one of the ANALEENA variety.

About the Author

Naomi Nachmani is a Toronto-based fashion, beauty and lifestyle freelance writer. She has a penchant for history, travelling, books and The Bachelor, and believes strongly in the value of emojis. Find her on Twitter and Instagram @naominachmani