Lines We Love: AnhHa

AnhHa is a relevant young line with a global cult following. Created by two industry insiders, and former colleagues (Anh and Ha), the label is becoming synonymous with high decorum street wear. They are known for their unique bomber jackets, sports-inspired sweatshirts, and simple T-shirts, all with vastly decorative signature treatment consisting of intricate floral embroidery and beading. The pair completely eliminated the supplier/manufacturer outsourcing, and instead set up a London design studio, and a workshop in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, employing local, highly skilled men and women. The duo agrees that this was the only way they could have complete control over product quality, which was essential to their success. As a result, their highly sought after pieces are limited to very small runs, which only ups their appeal even further.

One of our favorite pieces from the Summer 2014 collection is the round neck, raglan sleeve t-shirt with hand embroidery and beading pattern on the front, rows of metal and glass cut bugle beads, and raw edge seam detail on the sleeve. It pairs beautifully with the mini statement beaded shorts adorned with metal bugle bead and enamel stone embellishment, with side and back jet pockets. But the square neck, super fitted biker jacket with quilted front and side panels, and extensive beading pattern on front and back shoulder panels is truly a masterpiece.

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