Lines We Love: Anndra Neen

– By Nausheen Shah


Cage: noun, verb, caged, cag·ing

1.            a boxlike enclosure having wires or bars for confining and displaying animals;

2.            a structure developed in the 1850’s to support the skirt of a woman’s dress into the required shape, also known as a petticoat; and

3.            a patent leather boot by Yves Saint Laurent, consisting of lattice work grids with metal-mesh heels therefore confining the foot.

Convincing, no? Just when we thought we had properly concluded the definition, we find a talent worthy of making us revise our dictionary.  Allow me to introduce the guilty party at hand – Anndra Neen.

Phoebe and Annette Stephens are the sisterly duo behind the mark that we have fallen head over heels in love with. Born and raised in Mexico City before heading to the Big Apple, Phoebe became a fashion specialist for Philips De Pury, and Annette pursued a career in theatre before founding Anndra Neen back in 2009.

Naturally, the two were influenced by their own professional backgrounds in the arts, but it seems Anndra Neen also has quite the historic lineage. Their grandmother, artist and jewelry maker Annette Nancarrow, and their grandfather, avant-garde composer Conlon Nancarrow, lived in Mexico City in the 1930s and ’40s and counted names like Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo and Anaïs Nin as friends. Talk about street cred.


Anndra Neen’s designs are a reflection of their imagination and heritage. Their warrior-meets-lady visions are translated into metal pieces, all of which are hand crafted by artisans in Mexico. The result is a seductive blend of strength, power, and sensuality.  While this alone is enough to add a sting to any wardrobe, this is not what has us all wrapped up in their envy-inducing assortment of accessories.  It’s something more specific – their cage collection.

Anndra Neen has taken what we know to be definitive of the word “cage”  to a whole new level.  They know everything about the caging business.  They got cage cuffs, cage collars, cage bibs, cage clutches, cage chokers, cage rings, cage bags, cage necklaces and that’s about it.  Oh, but wait; just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, they went there:  a cage brief case. Consider this fashion’s version of insanity and we are oh so thankful to be among the confined.

Therefore, in our necessary revision of the definition we would like to add the following:

4.             Mesh or crisscross metal accessories designed by Anndra Neen, hand crafted in nickel, silver alloy and brass. Perfect to be showcased upon your limbs or displayed as pieces of art, for they are truly their own treasure.

Nausheen Shah is a New York based fashion designer turned stylist/creative consultant who has worked for the likes of Catherine Malandrino and Zac Posen.  In her travels, Nausheen’s love of language, cuisine, art and interior design flourished, informing her unique, distinctive, and global style.  She also runs her own ‘fashion as a lifestyle’ blog – A Shah’s Life and can be followed on Facebook @nausheenshahstylist and Twitter @nausheenshah


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