Lines We Love: Aquazzura

– By Nausheen Shah – 

In the jungle, the oh-so-mighty jungle, a kaleidoscope of exotic-skinned animals sleep tonight.  Albeit the pythons may be cerulean blue, poppy red, and chiquita banana yellow, but in the wild land of the shoe obsessed, it’s as if the gods have answered our prayers.

Let us introduce you to Aquazzura. A brand taking evolution into it’s own hands by creating striking footwear for fashion’s elite and every other lady with a shoe constricted fetish.

Edgardo Osorio, the designer behind Aquazzura, wants women to get back to wearing something more elegant, but in a new way.  His intensions to fill the niche of well-made sophisticated heels without the stacked platform, nor the sky-rocketed price tags, couldn’t have come at a better timing.

Based in Florence, Italy, the name Aquazzura comes from the Italian “acqua azzurra” which means blue water. While on a trip to Capri, Osorio felt the name to be perfect in evoking the finesse of Italian design in a fresh and positive way.

Perhaps the elegant details of Aquazzura’s shoes come from the designer’s extensive background.  Besides for being born in Colombia yet raised between London and Miami, Osorio’s taste of opulance may have something to do with his training at Central Saint Martins or on the other foot, it may have something to do with his experience working for prestigious luxury brands Salvatore Ferragamo, René Caovilla and Roberto Cavalli.

Either way, Osorio’s overall love for drop-dead glamour and modern design has insured each one of his madams that feeling ‘sexy’ is the norm.  And just to be 100% assured, Osorio went ahead and labeled his statement styles ‘Sexy Thing’, ‘Sexy Star’, and just straight up ‘Very Sexy.’   Did it just get hot in here?

Aquazzura Spring/Summer 2013 Collection


While you may be feeling seductive strutting around the Amazon in his colorful serpent scales, soft suede, laser-cut star details and string tie closures, Osorio also added a little extra hidden gem to the bottom of each and every one of his pairs to show off the fruits of his labor – a golden pineapple, an homage to his homeland Colombia.

So ladies, with 2013 being the year of the snake allow Aquazzura to inject some venom into your style. After all, beauty is only snakeskin deep.

Aquazzura Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Nausheen Shah is a New York based fashion designer turned stylist who has worked for the likes of Catherine Malandrino and Zac Posen.  In her travels, Nausheen’s love of language, cuisine, art and interior design flourished, informing her unique, distinctive, and global style.  She is a fashion contributor/luxury travel writer for the New York Post and also runs her own ‘fashion as a lifestyle’ blog – A Shah’s Life.  Nausheen may be followed on Facebook @nausheenshahstylist and Twitter @nausheenshah

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