Lines We Love: Bo and Luca Lubertas

When Bo & Luca’s creative director Shannon Pittman travelled to Dubai in her twenties, little did she know she was on the cusp of founding one of the world’s hottest bridal brands… The Middle East along with time spent in India and Pakistan have informed collections ever since, fusing the influence of the traditional artisans she encountered with bohemian culture and a touch of 1970s nostalgia.

Today, the brand operates its original studio in Brisbane, another in Cape Town which opened last November and is stocked in London, Kilkenny in Ireland, Barcelona and San Francisco. Earlier this year, New York Magazine featured Bo & Luca, the only Australian brand to be selected, in their special edition wedding style issue, further cementing the brand’s status as an emerging label to love and reaching the discerning, far flung fashion pack.

The Bo & Luca bride is one with wanderlust in their blood; a free spirited individual, wishing to reflect their own sense of style come their big day. Shannon counts the wave of women breaking the constraints of traditional wedding gowns as her muse, citing the lack of unique dresses on the market as the catalyst for the brand’s launch in 2012.

For 2015, Bo & Luca’s Libertas collection blends their signature nomadic freedom with the craftsmanship learned from Shannon’s time spent travelling. Intricate embroideries, delicate applique and hand-beading combines with differing fabrics, selected to fluidly and romantically fall around the body. There’s a complementary accessories line too – a stunning array of opulent hair accessories, belts and jewellery.

And, importantly, Shannon’s own advice for finding your perfect gown?

“Be true to yourself, be true to your personal sense of style and trust your instinct!”

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