Lines We Love: Brunello Cucinelli

As a man who has “always dreamed of creating useful work for an important objective” Brunello Cucinelli has proven to be true to his word since his career first launched over 30 years ago. Born in 1953, Brunello Cucinelli has always seen himself as an entrepreneur which began once he left college back in 1974 (an engineer major at the time) when he started selling pastel colored cashmere to women around town. After hitting immediate success in 1985 he established his business in Solomea where we would work and call his home base until this very day. With such a rapid propel of success thanks to stunning product full of innovative interpretations on classic silhouettes, this company has grown from a few pieces of cashmere to their most recently produced comprehensive lifestyle collection which will be showcased on April 11th in Milan during the international furniture and design show.

For his Fall 2014 collection it was all about a balance between “less” and “more” with a ballet influence throughout. This season introduced an ethereal palette of pale pinks, caramels, nudes and neutrals which endlessly lined the walls of his midtown Manhattan showroom. There was a focus on the technical details, like flawless seams and small whispers of embellishment in the form of miniature rows of paillettes, ostrich feathers and touches of Swarovski crystals – made specifically for the brand. These embellishments hid ever so slightly on backgrounds of clean and modern silhouettes made in highly luxurious fabrics of laser cut ombre mink, lame in shades of silver, copper and gold and of course Mr. Cucinelli’s signature cashmere shown in both chunky knits and smooth enveloping coats. While Mr. Cucinelli has always been synonymous with his seamless ability to intertwine the masculine and feminine, by acquiring a new tailoring company this season, an influx of menswear inspired tailoring came about but with a refined glamorous touch. His latest collection also introduced the largest amount of eveningwear ever produced in one season seeing influences ranging from the masculine tuxedo to the ballerina’s tulle tutu

Delicate accessories easily stood out with mink trimmed suspenders and ostrich clutches decorated with diamond dust. The same Swarovski crystals that found themselves on heavy knits also clambered onto large bib necklaces to perfectly accent everything from evening-wear to a white t-shirt and jeans. Lastly, let’s not forget the extraordinary laser cut silk flowers that danced along as necklaces to add an extra feminine touch when paired with a boxy silhouette.

Incidentally, one of the most brilliant highlights of the entire Brunello Cucinelli enterprise happens to have nothing to do with the stunning and exquisite collections that he creates. Instead, it’s what he has done for the city of Solomeo through his idea of the “Humanist Enterprise” of “supreme good” that has us all smiles. This idea deals with putting people first and in his words, “giving business a meaning that goes beyond profit and reinvesting to improve the lives of workers, to enhance and restore the beauty of the world.” Since the beginning, a considerable portion of revenue is designated to rebuilding the town of Solomeo from restoring artistic and historic monuments and an ancient road network to creating a “Forum of the Arts” that includes a theater, an amphitheater and a philosophers garden where events and concerts are held (with much more hopefully to come). By putting people first in such a profound manner while simultaneously creating such impeccable and luxurious clothing, the Brunello Cucinelli company really defines the idea of being beautiful on the inside and out.

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