Lines We Love: Coliac

What started as a costume and fashion jewelry line in 2009, Italian based brand COLIAC expanded into the footwear category in 2013. Founder and designer Martina Grasselli debuted her first shoe collection four years ago, capturing her original jewelry techniques and designs.

During the early years of her career, Grasselli studied Architecture and Design followed by an impressive Master’s degree in Fashion and Textile in Milan. Before establishing her own brand, Grasselli could be found developing successful accessory collections for top brand’s such as Stella McCartney, Christian Louboutin and Jean Paul Gaultier. These roles allowed her to further deepen her out of the box creativity, shaping COLIAC to what it is today.

For the Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, Grasselli launched her very first ready to wear line, “an emotional everyday wardrobe.” With edgy sophistication, one can find leather jackets, cropped trousers and wool sweaters each adorned with jewelry inspiration and detail. The Adelaide belt bag offers accents that resemble a large cocktail ring while the Elodia shoe is encrusted in pearls as one would wear around their neck.

COLIAC allows jewelry to be more than pieces found on your finger or ear, but part of a larger message that completes an outfit from head to toe. Favorite pick? Hands down the Alice boot. A perfect ode to the 70’s with white leather and oversized gold hardware mimicking large hoop earrings. They’ve even started collaborating with international brands like Tanya Taylor and Max&Co. creating limited time capsule collections that showcased the brands’ versatility while staying true to the methods and aesthetics that allow them to thrive in the competitive luxury market.

Jewels are an instant love for any woman, so why not be able to incorporate jewelry elements to your wardrobe in a fresh and exciting way? We are not only loving this line but obsessing over the inventiveness of Grasselli. Got to give it to her, she is certainly on to something. Verdict is, the more bling is in fact better!

About the Author

Michelle Costa currently works as Senior Account Executive at Network USA, representing various luxury RTW and accessory clients. She began her career at Harper’s Bazaar, Town & Country and Cartier. An original beach bum turned fashion publicist residing on the Upper West Side in NYC. Follow her journey on Instagram @michellemariacosta