Lines We Love: Fleur du Mal

With underpinnings dominating the runways lately and underwear showing up as outerwear even during the merriments of the holiday season, it is only natural that we share with you the story of Fleur du Mal – a lingerie line we adore.

Founded by Jennifer Zuccarini – who previously co-founded Kiki de Montparnasse – Fleur du Mal approaches intimates with haute couture category of detail. The name of the label was inspired by the erotic text of French poet Charles Baudelaire. After launching in 2012 with what critics are labelling as titanic success, Jennifer propelled into ready-to-wear and swim collections – both of which flawlessly complement the subversive glamour of her intimates collection.

Zuccarini’s mission is simple – while toying with components of desire and subtly baiting you with provocation, her narrative is in fact untainted and solution focused: ease of wear and high style in a garment category notorious for lacking both. Her approach to design is a curation process, where she thinks about ways to connect lingerie to your wardrobe, not how to hide it. She is a color enthusiast who declares that color should be deliberate and it should show.  Just think about how much grander it is to see a slip of something bright or printed or lacy, rather than a stretch of nude microfiber under your dress.

Fleur du Mal intimates define provocative elegance and feminine daring in a way that no other lingerie label has done before.

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