Lines We Love: Giada Benincasa

Our latest lines we love comes from a talented Milanese-born designer who not only creates luxurious RTW but excels in detailed knitwear, so stunning and beautiful, you’d happily trade-in warmer days just to keep cozy in her creations all year long. Introducing, Giada Benincasa.

It began as a family affair. After attending the Germanic School of Milan, she started working at her mother’s clothing company, taking care of the sales department first and then becoming a part of the creative team, styling alongside her grandfather. After learning the ropes she dabbled in creating a small brand of knitwear that included some cashmere accessories and decided to move forward with making it into the Giada Benincasa line.

And thank goodness she did as she sources some of the highest quality yarns and fabrics from some of the best places on the globe – Italy, France and England – and produces everything entirely in Italy. When asked about her influences, it was her natural curiosity that was the catalyst for her vibrant color combinations and intricate knitwear, always looking for new places to see and explore, learning about the traditions of each location and drawing inspiration from the people she meets. And while the world is always of interest to her, Italy is truly home which the line so clearly displays. So when she doesn’t work in Milano where she was born and lives, she goes to her family house in Forte Dei Marmi or to her country home in Lake Como.

As per the most recent season, she has been inspired every day by the women she meet on street, which go to work, to dinner, at the supermarket, at the park, everywhere. Real Women are her best inspiration.

When asked about the most important thing she wants her customers to take away from her pieces, her response was perfection:

“My idea of fashion is to give the chance and the opportunity to woman of every age to feel feminine, elegant and a bit extravagant even if only wearing one special piece of her collections.
The claim of the brand is “Ciao Amore”, a phrase that Giada pronounces very often “I like to start a phone call with this phrase, with your loved one or just a friend. I think it is a cheerful and affectionate way to talk to somebody and then it is so … .Italian! “

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