Lines We Love: Holst + Lee

New York’s nightclub scene isn’t the most likely place for the birth of a design duo supreme, but then again, Natalie Holst’s brand is far from conventional. The Southerner moved to New York and met her design partner while working the city’s restaurant and bar scene. They became fast friends, thanks, in part, to their creative passion and love of similar art and design styles. Cue the launch of Holst + Lee. The Brooklyn-based jewelry line draws inspiration from a smorgasbord of culture, people and places. Colour is the buzzword for their creations and bold is the name of the game.


From red and black chevron rope necklaces, wrapped in gold loops to tropical, rainbow tassled numbers, every piece is made by hand and adored by passers-by (rumour has it, women were trying to buy pieces from their very bodies). Every piece has some metalwork, whether it’s a chunky geometric shape pendant, or metal-incased jewels. Her trademark? Sleek, solid brass magnets used as fasteners.


It’s Holst’s clever use of colour and texture that captured Vogue’s attention, as well as Mara Hoffman (which resulted in a collaboration) and has also recently worked with LOFT on a limited edition collection for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  She has nailed the ‘eclectic’ look and is fast becoming the brand that provokes women to ask, ‘where did you get that?’.


While most of her pieces have a tribal tone, they don’t feel garish or ill-judged. Rather, unique and unexpected. Hues that aren’t usually friends, objects that aren’t usually found around one’s neck (little metal pineapples shrouded by green lacquer roses, for example). Stocky but feminine, powerful but pretty. The tassle work is to die for, from glamorous gold on a purse to primary colours on a chunky bracelet, Holstand has provided stylish women with a new, elegant level of fun, and solid pieces that ‘make’ an outfit. Even with their galaxy theme (think a triple Orion’s Belt ring), pieces were bright and brilliant, special.


Let’s be honest, Holst + Lee put the statement into jewelry

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