Lines We Love: IRO

It may not come as much of a surprise that most American women are fascinated by the French—myself included. Of course, their accents can be attributed to our envy, but it extends far beyond that. What it truly comes down to is their effortless style, and while we can’t exactly beat them, we will do just about anything to join them atop this leather-encased pedestal we’ve created for them.

Arik Bitton, IRO represents the flawless union of Parisian chic and New York street style.  Sure it helps when your family has been involved in the French fashion scene for more than twenty years, but the Bitton brothers didn’t immediately follow in their family’s footsteps. In fact, they started out in the ever-changing New York music industry—that is, until they recognized a gradual transformation in the fashions of their two favorite cities. In 2005, Laurent and Arik banded together to create a fresh women’s line for those hoping to convey a lust worthy ‘I’m not even trying’ look, while upholding the stylish Parisian vibe instilled in them years prior to the brand’s inception.

Sari-Jacket-by-IRO Mulen-Jacket-by-IROJosefina-Jacket-by-IROIzzy-Jacket-by-IRO

IRO’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection showcases everything we love about the collision of French and downtown New York culture. Included in this season’s designs are the brand’s classic tweed and leather trimmed jackets in a wide range of colors and styles, all of which translate from daytime meetings to evening cocktails. Also on our list of favorites are their chunky cable knit sweaters we’d pair with anything from leather pants—by IRO, of course—to a mini skirt and tights. While essentially any of the Bitton brothers’ designs receive our approval, the collection’s pièce de résistance remains the black leather moto-jacket we’ve been coveting for years. We know what will be on our list for the holidays!


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