Lines We Love: Lena Erziak

– By Val Bitici –

The "Tenzin" Bag

Leona and Hasna Erziak knew little about the business of fashion when they started their luxury handbag company, Lena Erziak, just three years ago. But what the duo didn’t know about their new trade, they made up for with their impeccable taste.

Daughters of a seamstress and a potter, the sisters inherited creative genes from their Belgian-Moroccan parents. As they grew older, they traveled the world together, learning about different cultures and drawing inspiration that would fuel their creativity. After first dabbling in real estate and interior design, they moved on to their real passion: handbags.

Olivia carrying the feathered "Thomas" clutch

One year ago, Hasna stepped down from her position as co-president, leaving 32-year-old Leona to lead the burgeoning company as a one-woman show. Today, Leona’s hard work and passion are evident in the pastel and metallic confections she designed for Lena Erziak’s Spring/Summer 2012 line.

The python "Bono" clutch

In a recent conversation, Leona describes her attempt to “bring back a feeling of peace” through her latest collection. “Most of my inspiration came from blissful memories of childhood: sweet treats and candy, smoothies, softness, warmth, smiles, and home… You can taste the sorbet palette.”

Leona takes the term “arm candy” even one step further, mentioning that she names each of her bags after influential men: “What woman doesn’t want to carry a “Bono” at her side?”’s team can’t get enough of Leona Erziak’s most recent collection of handbags, and neither will you.  Luckily for us all these sweet treats are calorie-free!

View the Lena Erziak Spring/Summer 2012 collection below:




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