Lines We Love: Lilly E Violetta

If you fear wearing fur with the horror of resembling a fluffy creature, we’ve found you a solution: Lilly E Violetta.

Fusing glam from the streets of Italy with modern British style, the Italian fur brand was first founded in 2013 and has, unsurprisingly, been making fabulous moves since. Every garment is handmade in the brand’s small studios in Italy by crafters who’ve mastered the art of the finest furs and artisanal techniques, forever keen to develop outstanding ideas and creation in luxury design.

They’ve also made it no secret that quality is of upmost importance, calling it paramount to their design processes, and the reason why a “line up of extraordinary pieces, often in limited edition, is chosen for its pristine softness and lightness.” That certainly sounds like the creative heads at Lilly E Violetta know a thing or two about fur, right?

We’ll leave it to you guys to tell us what your favorite pieces are (the pristine naturals or the vibrant brights…decisions, decisions!), but be sure to happily note that each design is made from an extraordinary skin – whether that’s mink, sable, astrakhan, lynx, chinchilla or fox.

Further plus point? As timeless as anything in your wardrobe can ever be.

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