Lines We Love: Lorry Newhouse

– By Nausheen Shah –

Imagine this – you are transported back in time to the Renaissance Period and find yourself seated at a lavish banquet alongside royalty’s most fashionable gals: Marie Antoinette, Isabella d’Estes, and Catherine de Medici.  You are dressed in the finest silks and laces from around the world and tethered up in the most exquisite corsetry as you gently sip your tea.  Before you know it, you are jolted back to the 21st century with your three leading ladies, but restrictive corsetry and heavy silks are not accommodating for today’s modern woman.
What would you be wearing? Lorry Newhouse.
From the moment you step foot into Madam Lorry Newhouse’s Park Avenue showroom/museum/abode, there is no question where she draws her inspiration for her collections. As you wander the rooms, you discover lavish artifacts, a mélange of impeccable paintings (including her own creations), and interior design so deliciously contrived that it rivals that of a 16th Century French Chateau.  In addition, she has also accumulated her own personal collection of both historic and contemporary couture fashion over the last ten years which served as inspiration and ultimately led to the formation her own line.

Designer Lorry Newhouse in her Park Avenue showroom

Presenting her first Resort Collection, Newhouse stayed true to her classical art de vivre and was influenced by the lightness and transparency of Indian fabrics.  The ethereal line is comprised of pleated chiffons, British laces, intricate embroideries and delicate yet majestic sequins. She also plays with both sides of this season’s color palette in a delightfully harmonious way; on one side you will find an ode to pastels in cotton candy pink, ivory tusk, and mint julep, and on the other side a darker fare in burgundy plum, polka-dot noir, and cerulean blue.

Lorry Newhouse Resort 2013

Lorry Newhouse’s clothes are romantic, meticulously tailored, and the best part, trend-free.  Primarily focused on polished dresses and dazzling gowns, these are the kind of finery that make women of all ages feel beautiful and alluring.  The collection softly radiates femininity and nuanced sensuality, and one’s figure is often seen through a finely detailed veil of charmeuse or mesh, beguiling the wearer in a look that reveals in one instant and obscures in the next.

Lorry Newhouse Resort 2013

The New York designer serenaded us with her choice pieces, including an ivory paillette embellished “Julia” dress, a midnight, pleated crepe “Waris” gown and my personal favorite, a cream charmeuse and mesh striped, mock necked “Charlotte” gown, all of which have been hand-crafted in the city’s garment district I may add.
When all is said and done, the actual genius in her collection lies in her tops, which were created to be worn under her sleeveless dresses. This gives the option to cover one’s arms in a polished and elegant fashion, and filled a niche in our closet that is often hard to come by. Afterall, who ever said we couldn’t have our cake and eat it, too?
Photos courtesy of Thai Neave 
Nausheen Shah is a New York based fashion designer turned stylist/creative consultant who has worked for the likes of Catherine Malandrino and Zac Posen.  In her travels, Nausheen’s love of language, cuisine, art and interior design flourished, informing her unique, distinctive, and global style.  She also runs her own ‘fashion as a lifestyle’ blog – A Shah’s Life and can be followed on Facebook @nausheenshahstylist and Twitter @nausheenshah

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