Lines We Love: Malka Jewelry

Typically, behind every successful brand is an original or brilliant idea and even then it takes creativity and ingenuity to bring it to fruition. Thanks to the like minds of Carolina and Laura, Malka is one of those brands.
The two family friends were born and raised in Colombia and with their distinct design educations (Carolina with a degree in fashion design and Laura graduating from Parsons with a degree in Strategic Design and Management), the pair came together to unearth the talent and potential that they found within the various jewelry and accessory designers that came from their home country. With their love and passion for the industry plus a desire to bring launch these styles globally, they decided to get together to represent these talented Colombian designers in order to share their work with the mass market of American retail.
To start, they both traveled across the country, meeting with both well-known and young emerging names in the accessory world in order to decide on exactly who and what would make the right addition to Malka in order to create a perfectly unique world of various styles, essence and aesthetics to please any individual’s personal style. At the moment, you can find collections by Tres Almas, Liza Echeverry, María Paula and Castillo & Lolie, all of which combine rough and polished stones, fine metals, leather, diverse blends of materials and state of the art large scale color combinations for everything from cuffs and chokers to chandelier earrings, clutches and scarves.
After launching their website earlier this year, the dream has become a reality and all brands are now available for purchase and shipping all across the US (with hopes of expansion soon). We’re thrilled that two young and passionate women in this industry were able to bring something to our forefront of which we may have missed otherwise. See some of the fabulous styles available now in our slideshow and don’t forget to checkout for more!

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