Lines We Love: MARAM

Maram, alluding to the meaning of aspiration in old Arabic, is a womenswear label manifested from a craving for old-world craftsmanship and storytelling, founded by Egyptian designer, Maram Aboul Enein. Maram was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, originally aspiring to follow her grandfather’s direction in fine arts and sculpture, before training in Paris, and ultimately creating an atelier in Montreal.

It is in fact Maram’s deep appreciation for skillful craftsmanship, brewed from the time as a child, that coincidingly set the tonality for collections to come. Before taking the evolutionary shift towards her own line, Maram trained under the legendary House of Pierre Balmain, where her creative skills and techniques as an embroidery designer were pushed to new bounds. Maram continues to push these boundaries, on her own terms, through her brand.

Maram’s Spring Summer 2018 collection was an empathetic note to her late grandmother. The collection was born from an innate need to express, resurfaced. ‘Where Wild Flowers Grow,’ channeled nostalgia into beauty, with the incorporation of childhood memories. In such context, the collection was in itself the absolute contrary of artistic expression associated with passion. In fact, “Where Wild Flowers Grow” was Maram’s most colorful collection to date, approached with a precise direction to fuel the collection with the innocent and unbreakable bond every little girl has with her grandmother.

Maram looked to her grandmother’s legacy to transform it into a storyline -set in the 1950’s-, extracting inspiration directly from her grandmother’s untouched closet, namely emerald, polka dot silk scarves, hand-beaded evening sets and luxe shawls. Military jackets, solidified with hundreds of brass rivets gave a subtle nod to post-war period that enabled women to work. “Super-Woman” scrolled in gold-thread embroidery decorated garments with a carried message to a generation now beginning to question and challenge their abilities as women. “Where Wild Flowers Grow,” the collection’s title was literally executed throughout the collection, born from the last dream Maram’s grandmother had shared with her- a sentiment now engraved throughout the designer’s creative work.

About the Author

Jennifer Paccione is a fashion editor who shares her time between New York City and Milan. She has been featured and published with respected magazines internationally in various languages. She currently acts as contributing editor for publications including Bulgari Magazine, The Fashionable Lampoon, Fashion to Max and RedMilk Magazine, whilst having contributed for NYLON and Editorialist. Alongside journalism, Jennifer freelances as a social media and digital marketing advisor, having already worked with brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Alberta Ferretti and Philosophy, among many. Follow her on Instagram @jenniferpaccione