Lines We Love: Nataya Kim


Having worked for years as a model, trying on garments from all walks of life and observing styles, shapes and sizes, who better than Natallia Yakimchik to design her own line of swimwear? Setting up her label NATAYAKIM in 2014, Natallia’s summery visions have been brought to life in exclusive boutiques – and on women themselves.


Using high quality Italian fabrics from Milan, the collections include both day and evening garments. Their market? Simply women who love, and live, fashion and style. Utilising her model history, Russian-born Natallia makes sure every swimsuit fits perfectly before it hits shop floors, insisting, “I won’t put the model in production if I am not satisfied with it by 100%.” Another reason her wears do so well is her eye for style, trends and simply what women – like herself – want. “I design and produce swimsuits which I would like to wear myself,” she says. Think classic two pieces, with special extras, such as scrappy criss-cross lines on the back of swimsuits or vivid red one-pieces with eye-catching lace-up detail. Pieces that make women feel sexy, but themselves, too.


Just one look at her Instagram account will give you an idea of the inspiration she’s surrounded by for her line – including her daughter. Using her own experience and understanding of women to make her mark, Natallia’s mother and daughter collection enables both women and their younger girls to show off their close bond through their choice of garments, including happy, poppy yellow and orange swimsuits.


Suffice to say, Natallia’s creations sum up the modern woman, who see both fashion, fun and family as the pillars of their lives.

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