Lines We Love: New Doggie Favorites

There’s just something we can’t quite describe when it comes to the love and bond we have with our pets. Of course, when thinking of pets, it immediately brings to mind Olivia’s beloved Mr. Butler. Always dressed or accessorized with beautiful leashes or a great coat, he’s a great example of how pets are an extension of ourselves and our lifestyles and their apparel, accessories, toys, etc should reflect this. The tricky part is finding pieces that are not only something your pup will love but align with the style and look of our everyday lives. Fortunately, there are two brands in particular that will make this shopping process a breeze.

House Dogge

Created by design veteran, Angela Medlin, she took her years of experience at companies like Adidas, Nike and Levi Strauss and in 2017 created House Dogge. The uber-chic, sustainable collection stemmed from the frustration of trying to buy products for her pup, Wubbi (who also helped inspire her creations) that not only worked for Wubbi, but fit seamlessly into her everyday style and home decor.

“I’ve often shopped for quality dog products with subtle prints/colors and beautiful materials that are comforting and fun for the pup AND easily integrate into my living space & lifestyle. Unable to find this in the market, I saw an opportunity to create this for myself.” -Angela

The small batch collections consist of non-toxic veg tan leather toys and accessories all created in Portland, Oregon with a mindfulness for both the environment and minimalistic style. Pieces like raw denim dog beds, hand thrown dog bowls and even beautiful chew toys are all thoughtfully designed with comfort, sustainability, and modern simplicity as a priority and can even be personalized with your pets name



Yet another brand that came to life due to a pets owner’s difficulty finding high-quality products that reflected her aesthetic and lifestyle is Max-Bone. Parisa Fowles-Pazdro focuses on creating collections that will not only please your beloved pets but happen to set a standard for sophistication and functionality amongst other pet brands. This is easily recognized with a quick look-through on their website (or perhaps popping into one of their 200 stockists worldwide), as they combine influences from fashion, art, and architecture with upscale functionality to deliver apparel, toys, beds, leashes and more that are effortlessly elegant.

The only thing that could possibly rival the style and beauty of the products is their practicality. For instance, style-centric accents like bow ties come with a hook, transitioning the piece from an accent to a collar. They also have pieces specifically meant for dogs or cats with issues like skin/medical conditions, excessive shedding or easily cold. Some of our favorites include their handmade cable-knit jumpers, super-soft leather collars and leashes in beautiful colorways like chartreuse and light grey, splatter painted ceramic bowls and plush handknit toys. They even have a six-month subscription box where you can sign up (or give as a gift) to receive two new products every month handpicked by the Max-bone team.

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