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Double Lai Necklace

– By Teresa Greenfeld –
Ying and Yang, black and white, beauty and the beast.  We all know opposites attract; logic-defying combinations can be the most magical through the balance and harmony they evoke– stripes and florals, and billowy mini-dresses.

Nikki Cast jewelry seems like it should be made of elements too disparate to work- and then you see the pieces.  Inspired by her years as a stylists and motocross racer, Nikki Castagneto often shopped for jewelry in the aisles of the closest hardware store, or while rummaging through her tool box. Her line consists of motorcycle chains, crystals, hose clamps, flowers and zippers, strung on a mix of delicate and tough chains.  The result is edgy and industrial, balanced with enough femininity to keep it from looking hard. It sets your chiffon dress and combat boot wearing heart all a flutter.

Hose Clamp Rings

Nikki’s partner and Belarisian native, Anya Shvetsova, a former casting agent turned graphic designer, serves as the company’s creative director. In a case of art mirroring life, the women are almost total opposites, and yet what one lacks the other has, creating a balance that is reflected in the jewelry.

Standout pieces include the hose clap rings (available in brass, rose gold, pink alloy, copper and silver), and the double lei necklace, made from a 5 gauge zipper (available in antique nickel). Everything in the collection can be worn alone or layered over each other, with everything from a Hanes t-shirt to a Chloe dress.

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