Lines We Love: Pretty Ballerinas

When you enter into the Pretty Ballerinas universe you enter a tizzy of a world.  Imagine if you will, stepping into a dreamy Disney-like atmosphere that has crossed paths with Marie Antoinette’s wardrobe with all the delicacy and femininity of a ballet show.  With the perfect combination of classic silhouettes and fashion forward fabrics, Pretty Ballerinas is leading the charge in their niche market with plenty of style.


A Spanish fashion brand, Pretty Ballerinas focuses mainly on designing ballerina flats with interesting and innovative motives, textures and colours.  In fact, since their launch they’ve become known for not only they’re excessive array of styles but for the intricacy that’s used to combine their top quality fabrics and materials into each shoe.  Although the name is relatively new, what we really love about this fabulous footwear line is that all of the products are handcrafted in the Spanish island of Menorca and made in the same village, by the same family – the Mascaró’s – who have been working in the shoe industry since 1918.

In 2005, the entrepreneur and creative selling menorquina – Ursula Mascaró and British David Bell – came together to create Pretty Ballerinas in the hopes of positioning themselves as the world leading brand for ballerina flats.  With hard work and imaginative design their dream came true and today Pretty Ballerinas is sold world-wide with major markets and store-fronts in cities like London, New York, Madrid, Beverly Hills, Tel Aviv, Athens, Istanbul, Taipei, Cannes, Montreal and beyond.  The stores are designed like tiny chocolate boxes with signature details of French antique gilt mirrors, chandeliers, pink shelving and leopard print sofas.


The stores are not the only special story to share, each shoe shape is named after a female screen star or music icon to help customers identify and remember which shape suits them the best. “The 1960s, with Audrey Hepburn, was a golden age for ballet flats so it seemed logical to link each shoe with a name from this glamorous world”, said one of the creators Úrsula Mascaró.  As they continue to flourish as a brand, in 2009 Pretty Ballerinas launched its “pretty young princess” collection – consisting of miniature versions of its ballerinas to aim at a younger customer while last summer they launched a new footwear line, Pretty Loafers. This new line offers a large selection of beautifully made dandy slippers, brogues and classic loafers each with a specific personality for the owner to love.

More successful than ever there’s one thing that’s for sure, Pretty Ballerinas customers don’t keep purchasing because they need them, they buy these styles because they love and adore them!

About the Author

Julia Urgel is a journalist and producer based in Madrid who contributes to a multitude of magazines –Marie Claire México, Vanidades México, Gentleman Spain and writing about fashion, celebrities and beauty. With an MBA in fashion -and a future PhD in fashion too- she is a university proffesor at Centro Universitario Villanueva and director of the specialization course Wedding Event Planner. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @julia_urgel