Lines We Love: Rodrigo Otazu

– By Nausheen Shah – 


Finally, an answer to the question you have been pondering since you last perused the editorials of Vogue, caught a glance of Beyonce’s recent video, or gawked at Lady Gaga’s latest wardrobe display.  Who in the world designs those EX-cessories?  He is known by every stylist, every editor and every performing artist.  Now, he is known by you.  His name: Rodrigo Otazu.

Otazu is no new-comer; the Argentinean started wooing our accessory-driven hearts over 20 years ago, while traveling the world, and making Coca-Cola tabs, leather and seashell baubles on beaches to fund his excursions.  A stint in Sydney, Australia had Otazu thanking his lucky pearls; an editor discovered his masterpieces, and placed him on the cover of Vogue, forever launching him into the upper echelon of fashion stardom.

Rodrigo Otazu


After his discovery, Otazu relocated to Amsterdam where his precocious designs expanded primarily with ground-breaking couture collections and limited edition show pieces, resulting in the creation of his primary line ‘Rodrigo Otazu’.  Inevitably, fashion houses were biting at the chomp to collaborate – Jean-Paul Gaultier, Giambattista Valli and Thierry Mugler were amongst the successful.

Otazu radiates passion in his art, and his designs inspire their wearer to feel that same seductive and elegant chemistry. Naturally, every star has jumped on the Rodrigo bandwagon.  You might recognize some of them: Carrie Bradshaw’s gleaming gold pearl necklace on the cover of SATC2, Lady Gaga’s thick, crystal choker and cuffs she adorned with her infamous ‘Meat Dress’, or Madonna’s embellished black-on-black-on-fishnet ensemble for her latest music video ‘Turn Up the Radio.’

Rodrigo Otazu Editorial and Commercial Collections. Photo courtesy of Italian Vogue


Currently based in New York, Otazu not only runs his own collections, but also collaborates with jewelry heavy-hitters De Beers and Swarovski.  His personal collections, which once seemed unattainable are now attainable by way of his three lines: Rodrigo Otazu, LRCO, and Otazu, all of which are handmade in Italy and Bali.

Otazu’s designs are not for the faint of heart. Rather, they bite… hard.  His statement pieces consist of jaw-dropping bejeweled necklaces, cascading chandelier earrings, and crystal encrusted starburst metal cuffs.  Although, lucky for you, Otazu recently signed on with De Beers to create a fine diamond jewelry line.  So, now you may appease your softer side, too.

Rodrigo Otazu Editorial and Commercial Collections. Photo courtesy of UK Vogue


Considering that Otazu’s creations are easily identified by their fresh relativity, playful styles, and inspired beauty, don’t be surprised if they steal some of your spotlight. They are over the top, bottom, left, and right. As we all know, when it comes to making a statement with your jewelry, bigger is definitely better.

Be jeweled my beating heart.


Nausheen Shah is a New York based fashion designer turned stylist/creative consultant who has worked for the likes of Catherine Malandrino and Zac Posen.  In her travels, Nausheen’s love of language, cuisine, art and interior design flourished, informing her unique, distinctive, and global style.  She also runs her own ‘fashion as a lifestyle’ blog – A Shah’s Life and can be followed on Facebook @nausheenshahstylist and Twitter @nausheenshah

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