De Moda: Luby & Lemerald

– By Reyes Martínez –

Laura Ponte always had the creative spark.  Her career as a model, working with names like Valentino, Lagerfeld, and Versace, and taking her everywhere from Croatia to California, only turned that spark into a fire, imbuing in her a honed sense of the best and the brightest of global aesthetics.  In 2010 she channeled that creativity , uniting with friend Luis Feliú de la Peña (shown below with Ponte) to create the jewelry line Luby & Lemerald, and decreed that the duo’s manifestó would be to simply follow their imaginations and inspirations, without hewing to a particular business plan or pattern.
Idealistic in thought and practice, their pieces are crafted in jade, red jasper, tiger’s eye, onyx, white and yellow gold, and brilliant-cut diamonds. This plethora of options generates both matte and shiny finish combinations, complimenting the signature architectural tube design and the purity of the materials.

After only a year of business, Luby & Lemerald has already been snapped up by retailing powerhouse Colette, generating a cult following as much for the spirit of their fearless company as the brilliance of their designs.
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