Lustful Locks: Mizu Salon

– By Teresa Greenfeld 



When it comes to girls and their hair, there are – very generally speaking – two kinds of girls: those that get out of the shower, give their heads a shake and are good to go, and those who require treatments, products, tools, prayer, and a stylist on speed dial.  The former usually have that naturally thick, frizz-free, shiny, shampoo commercial kind of hair.  Which is why all they have to do is get out of the shower and shake.  The latter (aka the rest of us) have hair that frizzes or flattens at the first sign of moisture, curls – but only on one side – or, despite an entire bottle of Elnett, still will not hold a curl.  Which is why we need said treatments, products, tools, prayers, and a stylist on speed dial.  We also desperately wish we were the first kind of girl.

Lead by veteran stylists Vaughn Acord and Damian Santiago, mizu salon may just be where wishes come true.   The all-white decor, with pops of color in bold red chairs and serene blue staircase, is magically lit – almost dream-like.  Mizu specializes in creating the hair that we should have been born with – correction, that we were born with – before all the heat-styling, over-prossessing, and environmental wear and tear.  Their mission is to give us healthy hair that is distinctive to our lifestyle, complimentary to our skin tone and bone structure.  Proof: they just started offering the Rahua treatment.  Utilizing the magic of the Rahua nut, Ungurahua and Palo Santo oils, the chemical-free, 100% natural and organic Rahua Omega 9 Treatment is a conditioning treatment on steroids – deeply restoring and strengthening the hair from within.  After being thoroughly massaged into the scalp, the treatment is then rinsed with alternating hot and cold shaman rinses, locking the ingredients deep within the hair follicle.  The result: shine and softness, the likes of which you probably haven’t seen since grade school.

As for the shower, shake and go kind of girl – we may not be quite that low-maintenance, but after mizu salon, at least we have the option.

mizu new york, 505 Park Avenue, New York, NY

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