Men’s Fashion Week: Burberry Fall 2016

It was a bittersweet moment for those attending Burberry’s Fall 2016 show on Monday, the day the public learned of David Bowie’s death. In a tribute to the British legend, guests were welcomed to the sound of his tracks as the venue filled pre-show, models wore Ziggy Stardust-inspired makeup on their eyes – and one even walked the runway with “Bowie” written on the palm of her hands, a personal tribute that was not planned as part of the show. As for the collection, tracksuit tops and coats dominated – the latter in every way possible: bombers, double-breasted, puffas and of course, parkas (what’s a Burberry show without a couple of those?) in an array of rich colours such as musty brown, deep green, red and black – and a mixture of lengths. Tracksuit tops and the odd oversized knitted jumper were sported in similar colours, mostly complementing loose trousers or jeans and a pair of sneakers (black and yellow or black and red). Standout looks included unique fur zip-ups, a double-breasted jacket with gold buttons and delicate red piping, and the final tracksuit top: baby blue and sequined from top to bottom!




Thumbnail Photo Credit: via King Magazine / @kingmagsweden

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