Monique Lhuillier Resort 2015

When walking into a viewing of a Monique Lhuillier collection, one can somewhat idealize what to expect, however, whatever you think you’ll end up seeing exceeds any and all expectations once your eyes set sight upon the new designs. Cue the new Resort collection and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

For Resort 2015, Monique Lhuillier and her fabulous design team took inspiration from architecture and applied them to both her sportswear and evening wear updating the latest trends along the way. Those that were proudly present were trends like cropped tops, tea-length skirts, sheer paneling, color-blocking and ombre prints which were all given the Monique Lhuillier treatment – in other words – they became significantly more chic, sophisticated and above all, elegant.

For day, the palette remained graphic and ultimately neutral in stark black and tennis whites. Rather than play with color, the concentration lay in shapes and texture like with double layers of lace in contrasting colors, voluminous georgette and inlays of pleating, all of which provided depth and interest in several ensembles. Silhouettes were kept easy to wear (although complicated to construct) like in a color-blocked silk tube dress and fun peek-a-boo short suits.

Her cocktail dresses continued the graphic influence with many black and white standouts, except rather than keeping them sleek and simple they contained an injection of embellishment to make them evening appropriate. Intricate black piped pattern overlays stood out on white backgrounds in party dresses and rompers while sequins were numerous and layered in nautical stripes on a long-sleeved mini-dress. Beading was placed by hand on frocks that were then topped with coordinating feathers, while tulle and floral appliques in juxtaposing colors were fastened onto ultra-feminine silhouettes providing the perfect segue into the stars of the show – the gowns.

As if holding back strictly for evening wear, copious amounts of color suddenly popped into the collection. Everything ranging from bold reds, feminine pinks and magentas to cool pale blues made each design a stand-out piece to be worn by those looking to make a statement. The monochromatic floor sweeping skirts and tight fitting bodices provide all figures a flattering shape as they were kept either clean with asymmetrical necklines and precisely placed cut-outs or consisted of mixed medias (like laces with tulle) which were then enveloped with delicate panels of beading born to cascade down a red carpet.

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