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– By Wendy Rowe –

As the days get colder, harsh winds gets stronger, and central heating is constantly on, you will start to see the first signs of winter take its toll on your skin. This sudden drop in temperature is a shock to skin, causing it to become ultra dry and dehydrated. Help ease the seasonal transition by regularly treating your skin to deep hydration.

Feed Your Skin…

As we move officially into winter, most women focus on updating their cold-weather wardrobe, and often neglect (or merely not consider), that their skincare wardrobe needs an update too.  It’s time to banish the notion of using the same moisturiser all year round; the light lotions of your summer beauty regime will no longer give skin a nourished glow.

Left to right: Bliss Fabulous Skin Reviving Rubberizing MaskTracie Martyn LotusSculpt Quick Fix EyepadsSK-II Facial Treatment Masks

I like to begin each season with a professional facial. For me, it’s a not so much a luxury, but rather a necessity, to prepare and enrich my skin, and protect it from the changing environmental conditions. Winter facials need to provide skin with an intense hydration treatment that moisturises deep into the innermost layer. For an at-home option, make some time to give yourself a pampering treatment with a deep hydration mask at night. I swear by SK-II Facial Treatment Masks, which are lifesavers for intensely dry and dehydrated skin. Ideal for winter, they are also perfect as a post-flight skin pick-me-up. I also love the Bliss Fabulous Skin Reviving Rubberizing Mask, which not only leaves skin looking amazing but also is a fun concoction to create at home.

Many people tend to make the mistake of clogging up the skin with too many products – instead, exfoliate skin and strip back your routine  to brilliant, must-have key products that really work. It’s important to use a heavier moisturiser to combat dryness and calm broken veins. The just-launched Soft Creme by Crème de la Mer, is an indulgent nourishing cream that works on most skin types, and isn’t too greasy to use under makeup. Even those with oily or problematic skin still needs to boost hydration, and should use something a little lighter, like Clarins Everyday. Dryness around the eyes will really show signs of ageing, so in additions to your daily eye cream, add a weekly eye treatment mask (I love Tracie Martyn’s Eye Mask) to you winter skincare. Begin to incorporate oils, mixed with your moisturiser, into your night-time skincare regime too – you will really notice the difference a couple of drops can make. Vaishaly and Decléor are my favourites… choose a scent that you love for aromatherapy benefits too.


Left to right: Crème de la Mer Soft CremeClarins Daily Energizer LotionVaishaly Night NourisherDecléor ‘Aromessence Neroli

Dry, cracked lips affect everyone during winter and if not treated well, can become sore and frustrating. To take care of your mouth and combat this super dryness, slather Sudocrem on lips before bed to get them looking and feeling great – it’s not the most attractive beauty treatment, but it really works!

Winter Makeup…

Harsh winds and cold temperatures tend to cause redness, so skin needs a little more help looking flawless during the winter. Ensure the slightly heavier coverage is hydrating – so it looks sumptuous and real, rather than a dry mask. The new Burberry Velvet Foundation is ideal, as it nourishes skin whilst being buildable, and it moves with the skin for a natural appearance. A nourishing texture concealer will become your new best friend (Burberry Sheer Concealer is my favourite), as you will need more regular touch-ups during the day around the nose.

Left to right: Burberry Velvet FoundationBurberry Sheer ConcealerShu Uemura The Ultimate Expression Mascara 

 The complexion can take more colour in winter, as the daylight is lower and everything is slightly duller – work with the light and give eyes and cheeks slightly more brightness to ensure you don’t look washed out. Modern smokey eyes in rich mulberry hues are this season’s winter staple, and work well during the day too. Put health back into cheeks with warm blush, and if you love bronzer, use only on the cheeks for a more natural, sunkissed glow. Lips can also take more colour; combat pale (or blue!) lips that come with freezing temperatures by use moisturising, highly pigmented formulas for a velvety mouth. I always wear waterproof mascara in winter,  since the wind make eyes water constantly, which can cause smudging. Shu Uemura The Ultimate Expression is perfect, as it doesn’t drop ever, yet looks and feels natural on the lashes.

Wendy Rowe is an internationally renowned makeup artist working in the fashion and beauty industry, famed for her modern luxe makeup aesthetic and known as the master of the nude look. Wendy is Burberry Beauty’s Artistic Consultant, and also writes a weekly blog on her website, which is an insider view into the creative world of an international makeup artist. Follow Wendy on Twitter @wendyrowemakeup, Facebook and her blog.

Feature image courtesy of Raymond Meier for Vogue Nippon 

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