Mr. B Must Have: Ware of the Dog

It’s been too long since we’ve recognized our furry four-legged companions and so this latest Must-Have is just for them. Ware of the Dog is a super chic pup-friendly brand created by Jackie Rosenthal that goes the extra mile when it comes to creating clothing, accessories and toys for (wo)man’s best friend. Luxury pieces like color-blocked anorank raincoats, merino wool cardigans, and handmade touches in their toys, doggy bowls and leashes, have this company leading the pack (so to speak) with stockists all around the world, the internet and of course on their own ecommerce site as well. With a sense of humor and graphic sensibility – deck out your pup in these covetable pieces to have them looking just as chic as their owner.

About the Author

Jillian Magenheim is the Editorial Director and Director of Partnerships for She is also a digital media consultant for various fashion and beauty brands. You can follow her thoughts on Twitter @Magenhaz and on Instagram @jillianrose_m