P.S. We Love: Woman: A Celebration edited by Peter Fetterman

“A great photograph is like a great novel. You’re one person before reading it and a different person afterward.” – Peter Fetterman

With lots of traveling still to do during this fashion month marathon, we’re keeping Peter Fetterman’s latest edited stunner close to our side. As getting lost in Fetterman’s world has never been hard to do, Woman: A Celebration is the perfect little something to help us pass the time and forget about the craziness around us during this time of year. Passionately dedicated to the women in his life and inspired by the work of many of the world’s greatest photographers – Henri Cartier-Bresson, Elliott Erwitt, Willy Ronis, Charles Scowen – just to name a few, the cloth-bound beauty is a photographic tribute to women from all walks of life displaying a well-read history of a timeless subject. From victories to despair, strengths and weaknesses, the young and the old, the famous and the unknown, Fetterman allows us to connect so we can make up our own stories for each woman in the book as well as appreciate the women in our lives that live outside of it.


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