November Kicks Off

It has been quite a month since we launched the site – tens of thousands of you have visited the site and left feedback,  Bloglovin  placed us on the ‘Up and Coming’ list. We know that this is due to your support but I also wanted to thank our wonderful staff for their contributions.

This month, expect to see more regular features including ‘How to Rock,’ ‘I Want What She’s Wearing,’ and ‘Lines We Love’ amongst others. These are just a few of my cherished columns where I believe great style can be achieved by anyone.

Also, this month we are focusing on our friends across the pond – most of you know that I am a total anglophile and spent quiet some time in London- and you will be able to find out now, what was going on! From rock bands to fashion, November will dish on the new mod generation and how they’ve adapted in the digital age. We will featured a few London designers alongside our recommendations in travel, style and music.

As I write this month’s letter, having “survived” New York’s first Blizzard that hit us with its unexpected cold, it made me think about all of your warm support in our first published month and how much it means to all of us at
When we set out to start this website, we hoped that you would enjoy its content and features, find excitement in articles and stories and maybe even visit us again and I’m proud to report that we are close to a million hits in total. Who would have thought?
I love reading your comments and feedback so please keep writing them! Also, if you’re not seeing something on the webpage that you think we should be focusing on, write to us, like our page on Facebook or leave comments and you may see it here or there soon.

Thank you again for continuing to take this journey with me,


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