NYFW Day 1: Bent Glass Hair

For the first day of NYFW we wanted to create something super clean and soft yet had a crisp, sharp appearance. In order to create this juxtaposition, I prepped OP’s part with Serge Norman Root Spray for control and light hold then dried her hair flat to keep it uber sleek.

Then, section by section (starting at the bottom), I smoothed out her tresses with a flat iron on medium heat – this lower heat allows me to manipulate the hair into a super subtle “S” feel – basically I’m treating the hair like blown glass, molding it into the perfect bend throughout the middle of the hair while keeping a straight edge to the ends. The key is to go low and slow, section by section and using the same motion throughout while passing the iron through.
Once her hair appeared “bent”, I added my secret weapon, Kerastase Bi Phase Oil, to bring out a higher shine from her hair. I just lightly misted it over the surface of the hair to give it a mirror-like quality.
 Other finishing touches came from Kerastase Laque Couture Hairspray and some light dusting with my scissors to make sure those ends were razor sharp.
Pro Tip:  I used the outside of the can to tame fly-aways as well as at the ends, bending them around the can to seal in the sharp fresh cut!

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