Olivia Palermo Launches Collaboration with Westward Leaning

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A noted supporter of emerging brands, Olivia Palermo has worn Westward Leaning sunglasses since their launch in 2012, making the glasses part of some of her most iconic looks of the past few years. Olivia and Westward Leaning are thrilled to present these eight exclusive models. In recognition of Olivia’s exceptional style, honed by years of travel, Westward Leaning has named each of the eight models after some of her favorite places around the world, from Dumbo and Berlin to Saint Germain and Palm Beach.

In describing the collaboration, Olivia noted that “Westward Leaning sunglasses are effortlessly chic and flattering to just about any ensemble, which has made this collaboration a dream.”

Olivia Palermo x Westward LeaningTHE DESIGN & MATERIALS

The collection encompasses eight unique designs of Westward Leaning’s classic Wayfarer shape, which was designed to be universally flattering. Beyond the frame shape, the defining feature of this collaboration is the use of their “muted gold” reflective lenses across all eight designs, which offer an exterior mirrored coating of tarnished gold that is both subtle and understated.

The eight designs feature one of three distinct side materials, each inlaid at the temple: blackened redwood, teal sea glass, or gold pieces. Like all of Westward Leaning’s sunglasses, these unique materials tell a story: in this case, the three materials were inspired by Olivia’s extensive travels and unique aesthetic perspective.

By varying the frame colors and side materials, the eight models range in style from classic to avant-garde. As a whole, the collection reflects the fresh and unexpected approach to personal style that has made Olivia a fashion fixture.


In honor of this collaboration, $10 from the sale of this model will be donated to ADCAM’s Maasai Project, which works to preserve and support the Maasai culture. Olivia is a longtime supporter and currently serves as a brand ambassador for the organization.

As Olivia noted, “Not only am I working with Westward Leaning on creating timeless sunglasses that I love, I am also able to support ADCAM, a charity that is near and dear to my heart. I am so honored to donate proceeds of the sale to benefit ADCAM.”


Photo by ©johanneshuebl

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