Olivia x Piaget Possession

For the second year in a row, we’re so excited to announce Olivia’s collaboration with Piaget for their Possessions Color collection. This multi-faceted partnership showcases the perfect combination of two icons in both classic taste and effortless style through photography and film showcasing the beautiful colors and how our heroine moves from one situation to another with seamless grace.

As a woman who wears many hats; creative director, entrepreneur, model and philanthropist Piaget felt as she spins from one role to the next, she embodies the vibrant vitality behind the colors collection as well as the collections’ moto, “Turn and the world is yours.”

“Color is very much something I enjoy in life. I love that it was incorporated in the new collection,” says Olivia Palermo. “I think within the collection you see the different ways women can wear the Possession pieces and how it gives them confidence.”

“The introduction of bright and bold Piaget colors to an iconic jewelry collection called for an equally vibrant and colorful collaboration with a woman who embodies the vitality of Possession.For its second year collaborating with Olivia, Piaget put a spotlight on the many aspects of her life through film and photography, one vibrant color at a time and through this campaign, Piaget revealed how she balanced many different talents, weaving her life into a colorful tapestry of achievements and adventures.”

A constant thread ties the vignettes together, each scene is a colorful episode that illustrates a different aspect of her life, and the different emotions set in motion by the energy of Possession.

Intense Black – In a surprise birthday scene, Olivia is surrounded by her close friends and with her hands over her eyes is gifted a black onyx Possession sautoir. She discovers its seductive turning ring and shares her excitement and delight as she blows out her candles, making a special wish.

Vivid Turquoise – Olivia is modeling the Possession turquoise jewelery for a shoot with her husband, photographer Johannes Huebl. Balancing work and play, she starts posing seriously only to make way to a mischievous smile, followed by a radiant laugh.

Vibrant Red – Olivia is admiring a painting on a gallery wall; she notices a long velvet red bench in the middle of the room. Twirling her Possession bracelets around her wrist, she gives way to her playful side, takes off her shoes and walks along the bench like a star walking down the red carpet to the flashes of photographers. Only when the lights go off around her does she realize that the museum has closed and she is the only one left.

Bright Green – With her friends, Olivia is busy pinning Yves Piaget roses to a luscious vegetal wall. During a break, she plays with her Possession ring spinning it around until a green parrot appears, flying into the shot before landing on her shoulder. The unexpected arrival of this unusual guest delights her and her companions.

Deep Blue – Olivia is seen getting ready for a night out. Getting impatient as if waiting for a sign or message, she turns the bezel of her Possession watch until suddenly a blue ribbon floats through the window. As she pulls the ribbon, a box appears revealing a mysterious surprise that leaves her smiling radiantly.

Gold – On a rooftop overlooking Paris, the city of love, Olivia joins Johannes who tenderly places a Possession ring on her finger. As soon as she starts turning the ring, they both look up at the sky to discover that a dozen stars have appeared to light up the sky. As they share a kiss, the stars grow brighter and brighter above.

Piaget Campaign:

Hair: Lacy Redway

Stylist: Jillian Magenheim


Director: Elsa Blayau

Director of photography: Mahdi Lepart

Set designer: Emmanuelle Duplay

Production: Anita Kitchen


James Bort (for red, green, deep blue, black)

Johannes Huebl for Gold and Turquoise

About the Author

Jillian Magenheim is the Editorial Director and Director of Partnerships for OliviaPalermo.com. She is also a digital media consultant for various fashion and beauty brands. You can follow her thoughts on Twitter @Magenhaz and on Instagram @jillianrose_m