Olivia’s Mood Board: Modern Lady

Olivia and I are always looking for new inspiration. We came across a photo that reminded us, the modern lady-like look never gets old. It is timeless, sophisticated and always appropriate. This classic is updated with a midi skirt and tall boots. Midi skirts have been trickling down the runway for the past three seasons, and are here to stay. Try color blocking your skirt, top, and necklace for a look that will pop. Work with different shades of one color and a color that compliments it. This will add dimension and give you a more effortlessly chic style.  Accessorize with cat-eye sunglasses, a structured tote or over-sized clutch, and a statement necklace.
Great style is about a variety of designers and price points. It’s all about the mix, the high with the low, runway with contemporary, etc. This is a trend that truly lends itself to that. From Fendi to Tibi to Mango and Bauble Bar, there is a way to have this look at any price.

About the Author

Based out of New York City, Bryn is the Fashion Director at OliviaPalermo.com. Bryn has had over six years of fashion and editorial experience, she was previously the Accessories Editor at Marie Claire. Follow Bryn on twitter and instagram @brynpoulos and visit her at www.brynpoulos.com.